Welcome to

Wellness In The Wood Day Spa.

Camping and the spa industry is growing.

More families find camping a way to connect with days gone by and spa services has become

a way people are taking care of their health. 

Stress is the number cause of disease..... DIS-Ease. 

Camping provides a chance to be back

in nature and slow down

Spa Services provide the body a way to

release tense muscles, lowers blood pressure, nurtures the mind body and spirit. 

From my years of experience working in the spa industry

and my love of camping I decided to create

Wellness In The Woods

at a beautiful camping resort

down the street from where I lived.

That was five years ago.

In  April we are entering into our sixth season. 

Wellness In  The Woods is now offering 

Wellness In The Woods Franchise Opportunity.


If  you would like more information please contact.

MaryEllen Christina