​​​​​​​​​​​​Welcome to ​Wellness In The Woods

at Odetah Camping Resort

we are located across from the Social Hall

We are a group of dedicated therapist trained in several modalities:

Massage Therapist, Estheticians & Thai Massage

Many of us trained and worked in the best Spa's in CT and RI 

Some of us "retired" from the upscale spa life and are content to

bring our skills and talents here to Wellness In The Woods. This

is a special place for us. We are able to work in a setting that allows

us to focus on one client at a time. We schedule our services with 

plenty of time so neither of us feel rushed. Our services are a full

hour, unless you choose a shorter or longer service. 

You deserve to feel well while you're visiting with us on vacation. 
Allow yourself to really unwind!  Take an inner journey and discover 
new ways to reconnect with yourself.

Besides our spa services we also offer:

Healing Art of Aromatherapy and Essential Oils

​​​Visit our Wellness Center 

You may find we are just what you needed 

to relax and rejuvenate.